Augustines, voorheen nog met We Are voor de bandnaam, stoppen ermee. Na zes mooi jaren laat de band in een officieel statement weten dat de komende tournee de laatste zal zijn. Ondanks dat het toeren ze af en toe zwaar viel, gaan de bandleden als vrienden uit elkaar en pakken ze ieder hun eigen (muzikale) projecten verder op. Het complete verhaal van de band is door Todd Howe vastgelegd voor een documentaire, die begin 2017 uit gaat komen. De komende tournee brengt Augustines ook nog voor een laatste keer in Nederland. Op 13 oktober staat de band in Rotown, Rotterdam en op 14 oktober zingen ze nog één keer samen met hun publiek in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Bij de laatste tournee hoort ook een laatste single: ‘This Is Your Life’. Een teaser van het complete album verscheen onlangs op YouTube:

Het officiële statement luidt als volgt:

Come Sing With Us, One Last Time
Dear friends, family and fans,

With a heavy heart, we are writing you today to let everyone know that our upcoming fall tour will be our last. Despite the news, we are looking forward to the tour and the opportunity to sing together with you, the band’s fourth and loudest member, one last time.

Over the last six years we have far exceeded any and all expectations we had when we started Augustines. Our original mission was to create music we believed in, to be conscious at all times and to pursue joy in our lives. And, that is exactly what we have done, and will continue to do.

The truth is that the road is very challenging for artists in the modern age. It was only through your tireless support that the good ship, Augustines, has kept sailing since we met you in 2011. We are proud to say that within the confines of our band we never argued and always enjoyed each other, finding joy in the process of making music, touring the world and spending time together. That makes this decision even more difficult.

Our story has been documented in Todd Howe’s film “RISE” which will be released in 2017. We will be around to celebrate this film, its story and to support Todd’s work that you’ve brilliantly made possible. Our story will indeed live on and we are proud to have been part of it.

The three of us will never be far away, and are all exploring new projects now, but not before we shake some rooms and sing with you again this fall. You can keep in touch on our socials, as well as the We Are Augustines fan page for what we are up to.

We thank you for all the support over the years and countless unforgettable shows. You have brought joy to our lives, and we won’t disappear, if you won’t.

Keep in touch and keep singing,